Steps to increase Acer al10c31 laptop battery life

Lithium ion batteries degrade or deteriorate continuously. Even when not in use they will deteriorate at a smaller pace. The battery loses about 15% of its capacity every 100 cycles. A cycle is a discharge, charge event. After about 3 – 5 years, the battery will end up with very low capacity and this renders the battery unusable. Today BattAussie battery experts share a few effective tips on how to preserve your Acer al10c31 battery life.

Extend Acer al10c31 laptop battery run-time tips

1. Make sure the vents on the laptop are not blocked and the laptop does not overheat. Extreme heat causes the increases the self-discharge rate of the battery.

2. When carrying the battery do not let it get in touch with other metal objects. This prevents the Acer al10g31 battery from short circuiting and causing damage to person and property.

3. Fully discharge and recharge your battery about once every 3 months, even Lithium Ion batteries. This is simply because, the smart electronics gets a bit confused as to capacity.

4. Minimize the number of programs running at the same time, especially if you are not using them constantly. This makes the processor do more work and draws more power from the Acer al10c31 laptop battery.

5. If you are taking the battery out to store it, make sure it is only has about 40 – 50% charge.

6. Use Laptop AC Adapter whenever possible, but not all the time, let the battery do some work as well. Exercise the battery regularly.

7. Lower the brightness setting on the screen backlight. This uses so much power, but make sure the new setting is comfortable for your eyes.

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