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HP 593554-001 laptop battery

HP 593554-001 battery

10.8V, 4400mAh
only AU $35.79

Toshiba pa3534u-1bas laptop battery

Toshiba pa3534u-1bas battery

10.8V, 4400mAh
only AU $37.07

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High performance & top quality Acer btp-63d1 laptop battery at factory-direct price. Our QC department intensely tested each notebook battery to guarantee 100% compatibility with your originals. Order your Acer btp-63d1 laptop battery with confidence from BattAussie, Australia's most trusted online battery retailer.

BattAussie only use the highest quality cells inside the laptop battery pack so you will have a long service battery life. Our inventory turns rapidly and you will always receive a freshly manufactured notebook battery.

Resellers Welcome - info@battaussie.com or Live Chat with us online

Shopping Laptop Batteries at battaussie.comOur Advantages: High Quality + Wholesale Price + Aussie Free Delivery
Image Type Voltage Capacity Condition Price
Acer btp-63d1 battery Li-ion 14.8V 4400mAh Brand New Only AU $38.62
Acer btp-63d1 laptop battery

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cheap laptop battery

Acer btp-63d1 extended life battery

Australia Post Free Shipping  Enquiry Free
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 14.8V
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh
Battery Color: Gray
Battery Condition: Brand new, Full 1 Year Warranty
List Price: AU $ 74.32
Our Price: AU $ 38.62

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Availability: In Stock

1. Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use
2. Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use
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Investiture Delivery Methods Total Delivery and Service Charges Delivery Days
Registered Post Free Shipping 5-15 working days
Express Post AU $7.00 2-7 working days
Remark: we will dispatch the laptop battery from 144 McEvoy Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015 within 24 hours, you can track your order by this link: www.aupost.com.au/track if you want to know the status of your order.

Acer btp-63d1 extended laptop battery usage tips

1. Carefulnessly read narrate book of battery, use commendatory battery.
2. Research whether the electric appliance and Acer btp-63d1 laptop battery contact elements is whether clean,
when necessity clean with wet cloth mop, after dry loads according to the correct polar direction.
3.When non-adult custody, don’t let the child replace the btp-63d1 battery.
4. Don't try to make Acer btp-63d1 battery rebirth use of hotting up, charging or other way.
5. Acer btp-63d1 battery shoud be take off from Acer btp-63d1 ac adapter when it is long time no use.

Please make sure that your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before making a purchase. If it does not, please email our laptop battery experts

Acer btp-63d1 battery can replace following laptop part numbers:

  • BTP-63D1
  • BTP-96H1
  • BTP-AHD1
  • BTP-AGD1
  • BTP-98H1
  • BTP-AFD1
  • BTP-AID1
  • Acer btp-63d1 battery compatible following laptop models:

  • Aspire 3020
  • Aspire 3020 Series
  • Aspire 3020LMi
  • Aspire 3020WLMi
  • Aspire 3021WLMi
  • Aspire 3022LMi
  • Aspire 3022WLM
  • Aspire 3022WLMi
  • Aspire 3023LMi
  • Aspire 3023WLM
  • Aspire 3023WLMi
  • Aspire 3025WLM
  • Aspire 3025WLMi
  • Aspire 3610
  • Aspire 3610 Series
  • Aspire 3610WLMi
  • Aspire 3612LC
  • Aspire 3612LCi
  • Aspire 3613LC
  • Aspire 3613LCi
  • Aspire 3613NWLCi
  • Aspire 3613WLCi
  • Aspire 3613WLMi
  • Aspire 3614WLMi
  • Aspire 5020
  • Aspire 5020 Series
  • Aspire 5020LCi
  • Aspire 5020LMi
  • Aspire 5021LCi
  • Aspire 5021LMi
  • Aspire 5021NWLCi
  • Aspire 5021WLCi
  • Aspire 5021WLM
  • Aspire 5021WLMi
  • Aspire 5022NWLMi
  • Aspire 5022WLM
  • Aspire 5022WLMi
  • Aspire 5023WLMi
  • Aspire 5024LMi
  • Aspire 5024WLCi
  • Aspire 5024WLM
  • Aspire 5024WLMi
  • Aspire 5025WLMi
  • TravelMate 2410
  • TravelMate 2410 Series
  • TravelMate 2410WLMi
  • TravelMate 2412LC
  • TravelMate 2412LCi
  • TravelMate 2412LM
  • TravelMate 2412LMi
  • TravelMate 2412NLC
  • TravelMate 2412NLM
  • TravelMate 2413LC
  • TravelMate 2413LCi
  • TravelMate 2413LM
  • TravelMate 2413LMi
  • TravelMate 2413NLC
  • TravelMate 2413NLCi
  • TravelMate 2413NLM
  • TravelMate 2413NLMi
  • TravelMate 2413NWLCi
  • TravelMate 2413NWLM
  • TravelMate 2413NWLMi
  • TravelMate 2413WLC
  • TravelMate 2413WLCi
  • TravelMate 2413WLM
  • TravelMate 2413WLMi
  • TravelMate 2414LMi
  • TravelMate 2414WLM
  • TravelMate 2414WLMi
  • TravelMate 2419LCi
  • TravelMate 2419NLCi
  • TravelMate 4400 Series
  • TravelMate 4400LCi
  • TravelMate 4400LMi
  • TravelMate 4400WLCi
  • TravelMate 4400WLMi
  • TravelMate 4401LCi
  • TravelMate 4401LMi
  • TravelMate 4401WLMi
  • TravelMate 4402LCi
  • TravelMate 4402LMi
  • TravelMate 4402WLM
  • TravelMate 4402WLMi
  • TravelMate 4404LMi
  • TravelMate 4405WLMi
  • TravelMate C300 Series
  • TravelMate C300XCi-G
  • TravelMate C300XM
  • TravelMate C300XMi
  • TravelMate C300XMib
  • TravelMate C301 Series
  • TravelMate C301XCi
  • TravelMate C301XCi-G
  • TravelMate C301XM
  • TravelMate C302 Series
  • TravelMate C302MXi
  • TravelMate C302XC
  • TravelMate C302XCi
  • TravelMate C302XMi-G
  • TravelMate C302XMib
  • TravelMate C303 Series
  • TravelMate C303XC
  • TravelMate C303XCi
  • TravelMate C303XM
  • TravelMate C303XMi
  • TravelMate C303XMib
  • TravelMate C310
  • TravelMate C310 Series
  • TravelMate C310XC
  • TravelMate C310XCi
  • TravelMate C310XM
  • TravelMate C310XMi
  • TravelMate C311 Series
  • TravelMate C311XC
  • TravelMate C311XCi
  • TravelMate C311XM
  • TravelMate C311XMi
  • TravelMate C312 Series
  • TravelMate C312XC
  • TravelMate C312XCi
  • TravelMate C312XM
  • TravelMate C312XMi
  • TravelMate C313 Series
  • TravelMate C313XC
  • TravelMate C313XCi
  • TravelMate C313XM
  • TravelMate C313XMi
  • TravelMate C314 Series
  • TravelMate C314XC
  • TravelMate C314XCi
  • TravelMate C314XM
  • TravelMate C314XMi
  • Laptop Battery Comparison Chart

    long lasting laptop battery
    Note: It is common practice for non-OEM manufacturers to print a higher capacity on the label of their notebook batteries. This is why some websites advertise much higher capacities. Above we list the REAL cell capacity of our laptop battery, not the label capacity.

    How to find out notebook and original Acer btp-63d1 laptop battery details

    How to check laptop battery information
    Laptop computer owner’s manual have the brand and model number on the front cover. In addition, every laptop has a manufacturer’s label on the bottom of the computer. This label should have the brand and model number on it. Laptop batteries from major manufacturers use standardized part numbers, to determine what laptop battery you have, you should shut down your notebook and then remove the Acer battery pack from the laptop and look at the bottom or top of the battery.

    How to maximize Acer laptop battery life and performance

    According to statistics, a typical laptop battery last long for 500 charges/discharges cycles. If you want to maximize it, remove battery whenever your laptop is plugged into an outlet. If you leave it in, laptop charger could cause the battery to overheat and overcharge.

    Prevent the Memory Effect - Keep the battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two
    to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-ion batteries which do not suffer from the memory effect.

    Keep the Acer laptop battery pack clean - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol.
    This helps maintain a good connection between the battery and portable device.

    Exercise Acer btp-63d1 battery - Do not leave the battery dormant for long periods of time. Recommend using battery at least once every two to three weeks. If a Laptop Battery has not been used for a long period of time, perform the new battery break in procedure described above.

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