Tricks for extending hp pavilion dm4 laptop battery runtime

HP launched the brand new Pavilion dm4 latpop with a standard 6 cell li-ion battery packs. Running on AMD and less power-hungry graphics chip with a 14 inch display, it can support nearly 5 hours excellent battery life with less heat produced. Our premium quality replacement HP dm4 laptop battery come with all of these features, The same (the 12-cells hp dm4 extended life battery works even better)power efficiency and provide full 1 year warranty at much lower cost.

Laptop Computer Battery Life

hp-compaq-presario-cq32-laptop-batteryLaptop battery life depends on battery capacity, battery age, notebook PC config and what’s running. Laptop batteries have finite life spans, most new lithium ion laptop batteries can last 2-4 hours, so if your notebook battery last less then half an hour, We strongly suggest you get a new spare laptop battery pack for more excellent digital life.

Prolong HP Pavilion dm4 laptop battery life tips

The length of laptop running time may vary a lot, it depends on the running applications and the external devices connected to your laptop. Battery operating time (the time the battery can hold a charge) will decrease over time. When you travel with your laptop, you would want longer HP pavilion battery life. Here are some basic tips may help you.

1. Use power saving. Remember that standby mode still uses notebook battery power a lot when you left , But use hibernate instead  will save more if your laptop supports this function.
2. Cut down on unnecessary programs – Cut unnecessary auto running programs when boot up ,cut background programs like Itunes, Desktop Search, etc., Shut down everything that isn’t crucial when you’re on battery. You’d better save the basic firewall software when you are online.
3. Dim laptop screen – Adjust your screen brightness(Most laptops come with the ability to dim your laptop screen); As the screen will take 30% also power of the battery, try turning down the display brightness to the lowest level you can bear.
4. Unplug unnecessary devices USB devices (like mouse, keyboard, other widget chargers), PC cards, DVD drivers, Bluetooth and WiFi will extract your HP 593562-001 laptop battery power a lot. Remove all of this if applicable. Also check for other built-in components that you could disable to conserve more battery power.

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