How to increase the lifetime of Asus a32-a8 laptop battery

In order to ensure longer battery life we have to done something to maintain the laptop battery. Today BattAussie notebook battery experts would be talking about the Dos and Don’ts for maintain li-ion laptop batteries. These tips would help Aussie notebook users to increase the lifetime of laptop battery.

Tips To Maintain Asus A32-A8 Laptop Battery – Dos And Don’ts

There are two things which a new laptop owner should know which is Priming Li-Ion battery and Cycling Li-Ion battery. By Priming Li-Ion battery we mean to charge it fully before you use your laptop for the first time. And the Cycling Li-Ion battery means discharging and charging it fully once in every couple of weeks. Since Li-Ion battery dissipates so much of heat, it is always recommended to take special care.

Dos To Maintain Laptop battery

Don’ts To Maintain Laptop Battery

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